Our Global Group connects the capital and technological resources of developed markets with needs and opportunities in frontier and emerging markets.

Whether in housing development, equipment supply for infrastructure development, maritime asset financing, or bank capitalization, our for-profit ventures contribute to sustainable entrepreneurial enterprise in developing economies.

We enter these frontier and emerging markets as partners not pioneers. We engage local teams as our on-ground representatives, and we relate with our clients and constituents as peers working together in a global marketplace.


Our Technology Group pursues opportunities that have the potential to disrupt current market landscapes through innovative software offerings. In fields ranging from digital media mobile apps to enterprise software for financial advisors, we play to the common theme of disruption through innovation.

As HALO, we are High Altitude. We begin with a 30,000 foot view of the market landscape. We develop a strategic point of view regarding sea-changes in market direction and evolving unmet needs.

We then make the leap. Quietly, undetected, we take risk with our own capital and resources to begin implementing a technology-based solution to a current or future market need.

As HALO we are also Low Opening. We open the parachute just in time to land on our feet, ready to launch the tactical ground game of executing strategy.